During my Lunch Break….

While lunch breaks are usually the best time of the day for some, its usually a very stressful time for me.  Naturally, I love finding those great spots.  So, when I’m pressed for time and want a quick, quality meal, it often times can lead to me being stressed.  Wish I was kidding.  If there aren’t any good spots around your university/work place, find a deli- and make your own custom sandwich!  Which is what I did at a sandwich joint by my work called Lenny’s, modified one of their sandwiches to make it exactly what I wanted it to be.

Fresh is the best with this kind of sandwich.  This sandwich is on whole grain bread, with turkey, prosciutto, muenster cheese, shredded red cabbage, avocado, roasted red peppers, lettuce, tomato, and onion.  Obviously, I had to grill it!  (I like how you can see the melty cheese.)


These colors are great, so here’s a closer shot:


I kept hearing about this place called Via Quadronno, and how they had great panini’s.  So I went to try it one day, and they were great!  When I go back, which I probably will, I will make sure the bread is not in a baguette form and try it with Foccacia, or another type of bread that presses in the panini well.

My friend’s sandwich:


And… this is my messy sandwich:


Now closer up..:


They’re not the prettiest, but they sure were tasty.  Mine, which was recommended to me by the waiter, consisted of:  prosciutto, fresh mozzarella, black olive paté, and fresh tomatoes.  My friends’ sandwich, vegetarian one, had goat cheese, tomatoes, chopped romaine, and black olive paté.

Both places were great, and made my lunch break feel as if I wasn’t going back to work!


18 thoughts on “During my Lunch Break….

  1. I love sandwiches and these look great! You blog is such a wonderful idea, wish you all the best and thanks for visiting Homeflair.

  2. I’m totally loving that first sandwich! I don’t typically eat meat or dairy, but I bet replacing the meat/cheese with herbed white bean hummus would be delicious. Will have to try making one myself!

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