Another small cafe..

Small cafes seem to be the latest trend for me.  My extensive research lead me to another small cafe called ‘ino Cafe.  Just like Piccolo Cafe, this cafe had 18 seats and a wine bar.  This place was filled with an array of unique and creative paninis, tramezzinis, bruschettas, and even antipasti’s.  The food, ambiance, people, all make this a place that is definitely worth going to.

I had half of a panini and a salad.  The panini itself was absolutely amazing! It was on the best bread ever, and was grilled to perfection.  Inside there was cacciatorini, goat cheese and tapenade.  Cacciatorini is a salami cured with garlic, so good!  



The salad that I got was completely out of my ordinary, but not at the same time.  It was a jerusalem artichoke salad with a parmesan vinaigrette.  At first, I was picturing jerusalem artichokes to be just like a normal artichoke but maybe chewier.  Wrong, they tasted just like a regular, but dryer potato.  Pretty good!  Both these dishes were very different than each other, they probably wouldn’t be the ideal pair.  But I, of course, always like to do something a little out of the norm.  Regardless, I enjoyed every second of it!



9 thoughts on “Another small cafe..

  1. Thanks for checking out my blog. I love the idea of trying to cook all of your meals, sandwich or not, on a panini press. I love panini, you can put so much stuff in them because you don’t have the awkwardness of flipping them over.

  2. Omg I love your blog concept!! I had the most amazing gorgonzola fried egg polenta plate at this wine bar and it was all made on a panini maker! I went home and tried to recreate it…on a stovetop. And it wasn’t quite as good. Panini makers are awesome!!

  3. I am also loving the concept of your blog – I ate a LOT of sandwiches in college and now I’m totally kicking myself for never purchasing a freaking panini maker. DUH! Maybe now’s my time 🙂 And this particular sandwich looks great… mouth is watering!

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